Move More Live Better



Howdy! Welcome to this month’s NEWS! I am so honored to be part of your Well-Being journey! A little bit of self-awareness, work and fun each day, goes a long way!


“An attitude of WHATEVER is convenient and won’t get you far.  An attitude of WHATEVER it takes is UNSTOPPABLE!”



How are you doing today?

How’s your Head today? Great? Good? OK? Terrible?

How’s your Heart? Great? Good? Ok? Terrible?

How’s your Health? Great? Good? OK? Terrible?


Wellbeing is made of 5 tenants: Career, Social, Financial Community and Physical Wellbeing. Often when we check in and we are a bit “off” one of the buckets of our well-being might be depleted, and are over-loaded and even over-extended.  When we are at our best usually these buckets are full. Being human, life happens and our well-being is diminished and illuminated on a regular basis! Having a way to check-in with ourselves and even each other can help us become more aware of why we feel the way we feel and help us take care of ourselves (self-care.)



Now that we created a little Awareness around how feel, let’s step back for a moment and write down what MATTERS most to us in our life. This is important to recognize so we do not add stress to our life with resolutions or goals that we SHOULD DO then never wind up doing. Knowing what is important to us gives goals better meaning! In return we are more apt to attain them when they have meaning to us. When there is meaning attached to a goal then the programmed I HAVE TO, I SHOULD,  turns off so you make the best choice in the moment because it means something to YOU! When actions/goals are not meaningful, more than likely we will not stick to the plan to engage with our better health and well-being! Willpower can only take us so far! BUT ignite this with meaning, and you can be on fire!


What matters most to me in my life, right now? ­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


With your answer above, how does adding in more movement throughout your day support what matters most to you?






How do you feel when you feel you are at YOUR BEST?



The next time you are feeling over-whelmed and feeling YOU SHOULD go  “workout” or you SHOULD “eat this” reflect upon your answers and see if you are able to gently make the choice that has meaning and alignment  and makes you feel alive! And remember, a little of this wellness everyday goes a long way!


Just a little bit of movement can reduce stress! Find out more here.


If you have not, make sure to schedule your one on one coaching call with Terri, HERE



April is National Humor Month! A good laugh keeps the doctor away! Maybe not all the time, but can help! Keeping humor in your life can help with stress relief along with “embracing emotions of happiness and joy!”

According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter can also help to boost your immune system, relieve pain, improve your mood, increase personal satisfaction to name a few reasons to laugh a bit more!


“The most wasted of all the days is the one without laughter.” – E.E. Cummings


Looking forward to seeing you at our live/ZOOM workout! In the meantime, find joy in the simplest of things throughout your day! Remember you are amazing! And when you don’t seek or need approval, you are at your most POWERFUL!  Make today great! –Terri